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Dr. Anna Belyakova

Dr. Anna Belyakova

Latest professional training:


  • Performing of X-ray procedures (Retent)


  • Reconstruction of a smile (dr A.Baburov)
  • Five succesful steps for direct aesthetic restauration (dr M. Balsamo)
  • Safety in radiology (Estonian Dentist's Days)


  • "Implantation from A to Z" of the educational program "School of implantation", Saint-Peterburg, Russia


  • Conference. Estonian Dentist Days 2015 16 hours
  • "The planning of prosthetic treatment" by Gadzi Dazajev (Russia)
  • "Preparation for full crowns" by Gadzi Dazajev (Russia)
  • ProDent Conference. Bio-emulated indirect restaurations: Everyday routine; Secrets of isolation technique. dr.David Gerdolle (Sveits), dr.Stephane Browet (Belgia)