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Dr. Jelena Kokoreva

Dr. Jelena Kokoreva

Latest professional training:


  • Handling soft and hard tissues around the implant dr. Olaf Daum (Germany) Lecture and Practice
  • Safety in radiology
  • Performing of X-ray procedures (Retent)


  • Chairside solutions. Synergy and Integration by Marco Degid
  • Predictable bone sculpture in implantology, Lecture (Dr. Ilgam Urazbahtin) - Estonian Dentist Days 2018
  • Endodontic complications: their prevention, treatment options and prognosis (Dr. Kastytis Buśauskas) - ProDent
  • Endoconference (dr De Deus, dr Buśauskas, dr Vasiliauskaite, dr Veiko Vengerfeldt) - ProDent OÜ
  • Reconstruction of a smile (dr A.Baburov)
  • All in one step - oral surgery and implantology course with Live surgery. Dr Eduard Antsakov


  • TT Dental Implantology conference
  • Past, present and future of endodontics. Dr Veiko Vengerfeldt
  • Basic rules and limits of augmenting techniques. Dr Frank Zastrow
  • Periodontal plastic surgery. Proved solutions for successful gum-reccession treatment. Prof Adrian Kasaj
  • Implant prothetics 2. Dr. Alon Rass
  • 3D diagnostics of facial area in case of traumas and inflammatory processes. Dr Dmitri Rogatskin


  • Conference 32 – 3rd Annual Nordic Interdisciplinary Dentistry Conference
  • Conference – EndoFrost vs. EndoMelt
  • Treatment of rootcanals with TF-adaptive files and filling with 3D hot obturation method (Dr Gary Itkin, Latvia)
  • New surgical and prosthetic chair-side implant solutions. Implantoloogiaalane loengupäev (Dr Marco Degidi, Italy)
  • "Implantation from A to Z" of the educational program "School of implantation", Saint-Peterburg, Russia