Др. Эвелин Науритс

Др. Эвелин Науритс

Курсы по специальности, пройденные за последнее время:


  • Lecture day of the Estonian Dental Association in Tartu in March 2020
  • Estonian Dentists' Association e-lecture day December 2020
  • Increasing the bite height by direct composite restoration, Dr Adomas Auškalnis


  • Modern treatment of dental trauma. Dr. Marga Ree
  • Regenerative procedures around teeth and implants. Dr. Pierpaolo Cortellini
  • Performing of X-ray procedures (Retent)


  • 3rd Periodontological Conference, Warsaw, Poland
  • Periodontics in 2018 (Dr.Justin Darby)
  • Radiation safety


  • Periodontology intensive course (prof.Anton Sculean)
  • Implant prostetics base course
  • Prosthetics on implants in edentulous jaw (Dr.Tomas Linkevicius)
  • Minimally invasive restaurative dentistry (Dr.Matteo Basso)
  • Estonian Dentist Days
  • Prosthetics on implants from A to Z
  • Master Course on the Bernese Concept for the Treatment of Periodontally Compromised Patient (Bern, Switzerland)