Dr. Elena Raihtsaum

Dr. Elena Raihtsaum

Курсы по специальности, пройденные за последнее время:


  • First aid training for dental institution employees, Jaana Palusaar, organizer TK
  • Prevention and treatment of pulp and periapical diseases biological aspects of treatment. Domenico Ricucci. organized by Dental Education


  • Use of reciprocating instruments in root treatment (dr. Liidia Nossikova and dr. Iveta Abola)- organized by Magnum Dental AS
  • Secrets of mastery at work with composite materials - Dr. Tatiana Lukoyanova, organized by Dental Education
  • First aid training - Jaana Palusaar, organizer TK Täienduskeskus OÜ
  • State of the art in endodontically treated teeth restoration - prof. Joseph Sabbagh, Organizer ProDent OÜ
  • Radiation safety training


  • ABC of root canal treatment. Retreatment (Dr. Aleksei Shaganov)
  • Endo conference (Dr. De Deus, Dr. Buśauskas, Dr Vasiliauskaite, Dr. Veiko Vengerfeldt) - organizer ProDent OÜ
  • Course: Endodontic complications: their prevention, treatment options and prognosis (Dr. Kastytis Buśauskas) - organized by ProDent