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Dental surgery

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Removal of calculus, soda wash, and pearl wash

Tooth plaque, together with saliva, begins a process of mineralization, which leads to buildup. Calculus (also known as tartar) gathers on the root of the tooth, causing inflammation of the gums and damage to bone tissue.
Removing calculus begins with an ultrasound device, and ends with a soda wash, which removes the last of the buildup and polishes the surface of the teeth. Cleaning does not cause damage to the teeth, although the process will remove a natural protective layer which recovers in a matter of hours. The procedure can cause discomfort, and local anesthesia is used when necessary. At the end of the procedure, the teeth are covered with fluoride gel, providing for the recovery of tooth enamel. After the procedure, your teeth will feel extremely smooth and are visually several tones lighter.
In case of mild calculus, buildup a lighter version of soda wash is used – pearl wash, which provides a nice glossy finish in addition to the removal of tooth plaque. This procedure brings out the natural tone of one’s teeth and makes them shine.
After the procedure, it is advised not to consume colorful foods and beverages like coffee and red wine on the same day, as teeth are more receptive to a color change. We also advise you not to smoke during the first two or three hours following the treatment.
We will make sure you know the right treatment for your teeth to keep them white as long as possible, and will help you pick the right toothbrush, toothpaste, and everything else. With proper maintenance, the results of these treatments can last for a year.
We recommend removing tooth plaque regularly, once or twice a year.


The reasons for the darkening of teeth are varied, and that can also be the case with the results of whitening. Reasons for your teeth to darken can be compounds in your food and drink, smoking, or some pharmaceuticals. During one’s lifetime, teeth turn darker due to the decay of tooth enamel, which reveals lower layers of one’s teeth. Even too much fluoride, or taking antibiotics early in life, can cause a change in the color of your teeth.
Our professional whitening procedure lasts for about an hour, during which the health of patients’ teeth are being controlled, to avoid complications later. For example, when cavities are being discovered, they must be treated before the procedure, as the whitening gel can cause sensitivity and pain. We will also make sure that calculus is fully removed, and that your gums are healthy. Crowns, laminates or partially filled teeth are not affected by the whitening. When your incisor teeth are extensively rebuilt, we do not recommend whitening, as the final result may be uneven.
The whitening procedure begins with, if necessary, washing the teeth with a special paste. Gums are then covered with protective gel and teeth are covered with whitening gel, which is activated by a special lamp. After the procedure, the teeth are covered with a gel that decreases their sensitivity.

KliinikPluss uses innovative LED whitening technology that is fast, safe and effective!
BlancOne is a professional teeth whitening system from Italian manufacturer, that is based on a new patented photochemical technology that allows the gel to use a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide (only 5,6% instead of the usual 6-10%) and therefore make the procedure safer and more effective. BlancOne whitening gel contains light-sensitive dyes that are activated when using a LED whitening lamp.

BlancOne Click Whitening:
The first step in teeth whitening, procedure lasts only 10 minutes and is completely painless for the patient. It is a two-in-one service where deep teeth cleaning is followed by 10 minutes of whitening. We recommend this procedure to those who have not whitened their teeth before and are afraid of pain and hypersensitivity.
BlancOne Touch Whitening:
It is a more intensive procedure in which teeth are whitened in three to four consecutive cycles, each lasting eight minutes. This procedure gives a stronger and longer lasting result. For best results, it is recommended to perform a deep cleaning of the teeth three to five days before whitening and, if necessary, to remove tartar. The procedure can be repeated up to twice a year.

For the effects of whitening to last longer, it is recommended to periodically repeat the whitening process with a home kit.
KliinikPluss sells professional home kits that include personal silicon frames, modeled after the mouth of the patient, carbamide peroxide gel which is lower in concentration than the gel used in the office and safe for home-use, and a tooth-numbing gel. Whitening your teeth at home takes one to two weeks. The results and their duration depend on mouth hygiene, eating habits, smoking, and hereditary factors.

Dead tooth whitening

Darkening of an individual tooth can be caused by trauma or a root canal treatment, either of which could cause the pulp within a tooth to die and blood to enter the resulting cavity. In this case, the methods discussed previously do not work. Whitening a tooth in this state begins with isolating the old root hermetically, and drilling an opening into the roof or the bottom of the mouth, which is then used to inject special whitening gel into the tooth. This hole is closed temporarily, and the procedure repeated every five to ten days until the desired result is achieved.