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A complete dental clinic pricelist is available at the clinic. Prices or price ranges of the most popular services are listed below.

A visit fee in the amount of 8 euros is added to each bill in KliinikPluss dentistry, visit fee for services that are funded by Health Insurance Fund is 5 euros (children under the age of 2 and pregnant women are exempted from this fee).

KliinikPluss is an official contractor for Estonian Health Insurance Fund in children’s’ dentistry, meaning that the fund will pay the fees of every child with health insurance up to 19 years old. Adults with health insurance can use dental care benefit by Estonian Health Insurance Fund, for more information look to Health Insurance Fund website.

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Prices for Dentistry

Service Price, euros
Consultation (teeth examination, oral treatment plan) 48,00€
Treatment plan and price calculation compilation, in written 73,00€
Digital x-ray snapshot 19,00€
Digital panoramic x-ray 36,00€
3D x-ray 73,00…97,00€
Complex price: teeth examination, panoramic x-ray, 1 intraoral x-ray, photo 99,00€
Preventive proceedings up to 30min 40,00€
Soda wash in whole denture (contains removal of small tooth tartar with ultrasound and covering teeth with fluorine gel) 120,00€
Complex price: removal of ample tartar with ultrasound, soda wash in whole denture, covering teeth with fluorine gel 152,00€
Airflow in whole denture 95,00€
Injection anesthesia 21,00€
Temporary filling 22,00€
Light-hardening composite filling, price varies according to size of the filling 105,00 … 184,00€
Teeth whitening with LED Touch method
Complex price: whitening set for home use (price includes individual caps and whitening gel) 275,00€
Incisional root canal treatment under a microscope starting at 425,00€
Premolar root canal treatment under a microscope starting at 484,00€
Molar root canal treatment under a microscope starting at 847,00€
Using dental microscope during visit 60,00€
Using of dental microscope during a child’s visit paid for by the Health Insurance Fund 30,00€
Prosthesis consultation with diagnostic models and prosthesis plan compilation 99,00€
Alginate imitation 30,00€
Silicone imitation 40,00€
Full-ceramic crown starting at 620,00€
Full-ceramic laminate starting at 620,00€
Zirconium crown starting at 700,00€
Cementation with glass ionomer cement 33,00€
Cementation with composite cement 37,00€
Total prosthesis starting at 800,00€
Bugle prosthesis (teeth price not included) starting at 900,00€
Vita plastic tooth for prosthesis 15,00€
Tooth extraction 74,00€…218,00€
Wisdom tooth extraction starting at 123,00€
Impacted wisdom tooth extraction starting at 180,00€
Implant placement (Ankylos system, includes injection, sutures and X-ray) starting at 790,00€
Implant crown starting at 950,00€
Surcus former 200,00€
Sinus lifting operation 600…1500€
Not showing up for visitation without advance notification (and multiple cancellations on the same day)


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Queue of services paid by Health Insurance Fund is regarded according to 21.08.2008 regulation nr 46 of Minister of social affairs electronically in patient administration programme. Registration is available via phone during the opening times of the clinic or via e-mail. Complaints can be submitted to KliinikPluss contacts, to Health Insurance Fund (e-mail: info@tervisekassa.ee, phone: 16363) or Estonian Health Board (e-mail: kesk@terviseamet.ee, phone: 6943500).